Welcome to Outdoor Wood Stoves!

Welcome to Outdoor-Wood-Stoves.com, what we hope to be a go-to site for news and views on the wood-heat movement that seems to be growing in Michigan. There are a lot of opinions out there about outdoor wood stoves, the smoke they do or do not emit, the debate over the Carbon Neutrality of Wood Burning, and issues over possible misuse of the outdoor wood furnaces. Our goal at this site to to provide facts, with sources to back them up. We hope to allow you to make an informed choice on if an outdoor wood stove is right for your conditions and living area.

Everyone lately has been feeling the pinch of the Michigan economy. It's bad out there, and our politicians don't seem to be doing much to help us as they argue over a budget and service cuts while we have the highest unemployment in the nation. Regardless, the Michigan spirit lives on and people are taking the steps they can to get along on their own. For some of us, that means turning down the furnace. For others who can, finding a whole new heat source might be in order. An Outdoor Wood Furnace might be ideal for you.

Wood for Heat

Classic Heat

Wood is the oldest heat source able to be used by man, and in many cases, the cheapest. Those living in a rural environment can frequently get all the wood they need to heat the home for free. The only question is how to most efficiently burn the wood for heat? One solution is the outdoor wood stove.

The Outdoor Wood Stove

The classic wood stove, an indoor device, is always an option. For those of you in urban environments, it is likely your only option. But for those in rural (or some spread out suburban) environments an outdoor wood stove might be a very good option. This site will focus on outdoor wood stoves available in Michigan. We will have some stuff on indoor stoves and fireplace inserts for our city-residing readers, but that will not be the focus of the site. As you can tell by the title, we are about outdoor wood stoves.

Plenty of sites out there have outdoor wood furnaces for sale, ideas, pros, cons, and the like. Our goal is to keep the reader up to date on the newest news and technology developments for outdoor wood stoves. We want you to know about how to get wood, what kind to get, and the best types for the best performance. We want to educate you on proper outdoor wood stove use regardless of the model you have, and that means how to keep it clean and what kind of wood to use and what to avoid. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is just getting around to noticing a technology that has been in use since the 70's, and looking at possible regulations. We will try and keep you aware of those as well, so you can chose the best outdoor wood stoves that you can get.

We will also try to keep you informed with weekly news updates related out outdoor wood stoves, wood burning, fire safety, and possible regulations and restrictions. Sometimes it is vital to keep informed so that we can let our elected officials know that we intend to keep our rights to affordable heat.

Featured Manufacturers

We are a site about outdoor wood stoves in Michigan. There are lots of dealers out there, all selling their preferred brand(s) of outdoor wood furnaces. The goal of our site is to allow you to make informed choices on your outdoor wood stove. Choose the brand that works for your needs and offers the quality you want.

However, as far as we know at this site, only one brand is made here in Michigan. Burnrite Outdoor Wood Stoves is based in Mount Pleasant, MI. They make their stoves here, with as many American parts as they can. So, if it comes down to a close choice, maybe we could talk you into the one that brings jobs home here to Michigan. If you can find more manufacturers here in Michigan, feel free to contact us and we'll add them to this section.